1. Video Search API - v7

    The Video API lets partners send a search query to Bing and get back a list of relevant videos. Note you should call the Video API if you need video content only. If you need other content such as news and webpages in addition to videos, you must call the Search API which includes videos in the response. You must display the videos in the order provided in the response.

  2. Visual Search API - v7

    With Visual search API, help users search based on an image. Results are based on understanding of visual content to find related products or images, read business cards, identify barcodes, find web-source of the image, or recognize popular artwork, monuments, celebrities, and common objects.

  3. Web Search API - v7

    The Search API provides a similar (but not exact) experience to Bing.com/Search by returning search results that Bing determines are relevant to the specified query. The results also identify the order that you must display the content in (see Using Ranking to Display Results). The response may also include related search links and suggest a query string that may more accurately represent the user's intent. Typically, you will call this API instead of calling the other APIs in the Bing API family, such as the Image API or News API.